Jeo Jetson

An artist that Sheldon Alexander works with!
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Trial & Error by Jeo Jetson


Jeo Jetson was born Jorge Marcellus Kouadio on August 22, 1989 in the small town of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. He really developed a love for music in 7th Grade at Hill-Gustat Middle School in Sebring, Florida when he learned to play the Trumpet and this continued into 8th Grade when he learned to play the Baritone also known as Euphonium. 

In 2009 he decided that college wasn’t for him (at least at the time) and moved to Newton, Massachusetts. This is when Jeo finally became known as Jeo.He  continued making beats throughout this time and a commenter on youtube told him that his beats sounded “Futuristic” Jeo then added Jetson to his name. 

 In 2011 Jeo moved to Springfield, MA where he almost immediately met Sheldon aka DJ Shellz aka Togolese. Sheldon recruited Jeo to the hip hop collective Like It Or Not (LION) at the time known as Jump The Gun. It was here that Jeo began to develop as an artist even more and started to learn things such as the business and engineering to add to his arsenal. He also met fellow LION members such as Intel, Aki-Akbar, Rell, Kyreem Tabar, Dru the Dronez, and Al-Haji as well as LION affiliate NGM Trouble. Jeo then decided to create his own imprint known as Jet Fam. Jeo is now starting to make major moves and is on his way to becoming very known all over, be on the lookout for him and follow him on whichever social networks you have!

When it comes to Jeo, his beats are trap but his lyrics are hip hop, focusing on positive elements. Check out his video below!


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