I wanna share a story
About a boy who 
Was tested by God's 
Fate Karma Yahwe 
Destiny. the cards of 
Faces that test the hearts of kings make aces out of jacks
Diamonds from Queens trading spades for spoons
This boy didn't know his cards were dealt 
from the moment he took his first studdered breath 
Gasping for the very limited oxygen he was granted 
This boy took his first breath 
Took his first steps
Was mildly bullied 
Tripping on his own too feet
Falling off bikes until his balance was alright 
He did not know about life
Afraid of the dark
Afraid of the wind
Afraid of the water
Afraid of the sun
Afraid of life
This life of a boy

Until the day he picked on a speckled child
This child supported by two glass mirrors 
Reflecting light, reflecting life
Did not speak back
Just took the boys abuse 
As the boy multiplied the child's eyes. 

The next day,
The boy went to school like every other day
  He Did not speak to the child
The child was not his enemy 
he sat in class to balloons on a board, 
numbered just like his days
It was as simple as blinking 
The balloons on the board vanished like magic
Did his eyes change? 
He blinked again
The balloons did not come back
Rubbing his eyes
The balloons did not come back
Like a child whose fingers never let go of the strings and yet... 
the strings tied around the wrists of fate suddenly loosened
The balloons did not come back
The boy said
I can not see the balloons on the board
I can only see your face.

The teacher brought the boy to Destiny,

She inspected the boy's eyes 
Look left look right 
The light he was afraid
The light has shown bright exposing insecurities 
exposing his karma
This light shrinking his coronas
Like his far distance future
With such a nearsighted vision
This boy meets his mother, his God 
She told him not to worry
She will guide him
This boy was later given two mirrors
 to reflect the light, to reflect life
This boy instantly remembered the day 
he taunted and teased 
The child did not speak
The boy did not speak
The only saw 
As the boy grew
He no longer became afraid
And with every piece of courage, he gathered each year 
Each year his vision would brighten but his eyes would hue

One day those two mirrors broke
And even though he couldn't see the silver lining past his feet
He could the silver lines in his eyes
Yes the very cracks of fate he slipped through to peep through the hole only to see gods finger
This boy
Could still see the beauty in all this 
till this day some say you can still catch this boy 
with two mirrors reflecting light, reflecting life 
even without his mirrors, he can still see the beauty in all this

You all are so very beautiful 
You are clearly all so beautiful 


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