Blackhole by Sheldon Alexander

Close ya eyes
Look deep into my third eye
Become lost in another reality
One where a country constantly battles me
Not the physical flesh but a mere silhouette 
You gaze deeper into its darkness to find the light at the end of the tunnel
Slowly swirling into a funnel
Where all memories go
Peering into my soul
The soul that has vibrated with so many frequencies 
Frequently I wonder sometimes who I am
 from first glance many created a box to ensnare me
I have yet to be caught 
My pain has been passed around and I ask 
Why do you share me? 
Do you really take pleasure in my experience 
Even though this journey has made me quite delirous
Why are some so curious? 
I am a star, yet a small twinkle in the system 
The universe spoke and said my blackhole doesn't matter
I've run out energy to argue
I hide within myself, feeding off what's left of my 
darkness is the only thing behind these eyelids 
but I've had my fair share of 
peaceful nights 
the sounds of me wailing
as I absorb everything around

light, matter, the stars themselves 

this life was just another conquest to me
but I never wanted to be a conqueror 
historically was there ever a prince that cut short his responsibility? 
just to bleed his royal blood 
in the comfort of others? 
I wonder. 
do I really have the strength so many believe? 
am I patient enough to tend to a tree? 
everytime I see myself I shape shift into a stranger 
one that tells me every single memory of us
and yet it's still hard to believe
That i lived this 
Can I still water that tree? 
Do I have the strength to lift this pale 
It seemed so light at first but now it's murky waters 
Stench of darkness
Why is darkness such a curse
When the plant grows just fine
Who am I to lie
If it's nothing but pleasing myself 
So I ask, who can I really be? 
If nothing was never really meant for me
Until I took these calloused hands 
Wrung the Blood from them 
Open old wounds
Just to recreate another memory 
One with good intentions
Authored in purple silk with gold lining
Bound to the very words that were spoken
Combed into a poem worth Quoting for eons
Scribed across star gates
"This life is carried to the next. 
The present is a butterfly effect, 
The gift is a future, The past is a memory."
And I am the one who makes it all happen. 


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