Black Milk

Black milk
Black Sesame 

She calls me black milk
Thick and rich
Too much can be a problem
But heavily recommended
Popular with the kids 
And knows a few ad-libs
Fun fact
Out of a thousand people
Half of them don't know how I was made and 
7% think I actually came from a chocolate cow

Translation I'm her coco
You know, 
the one that makes her go loco
Might just key your car or your face
But those situations would never take place
Cuz I'm her black milk
Only meant to enrich
Along with crystals and minerals 
To tune our frequency
Providing that Vitamin 
A, B and D
Her almond 
With joy and seed
Laid like silk
to take place with her throne
Creating legacies

She calls me black milk 
Early education 
Mental stimulant 
More like physical amulet 
As we walk and spark
And share situations 
All for the sake of relaxation 
Cuz life is stressful 
Enthralled in all my nonsense 
Deep down I'm not content
Because too much black milk can be a problem

So let's lay down and solve em
Count hours with jest
As you lay on my chest
Content, yet still contemplate 
This template we set for ourselves
At this point
 we need worker elves because we're too busy to settle our hearts 
Please let's not add a clause 
Even in the cold I wear a warm red
Wishing to be snowed in 
With the only person 
Who truly
 mattered most 
Her black milk
and yet...
She never called me 
black milk. 

Black Milk - Sheldon Alexander


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