1945 (Black Body)

I'm 1945 Black body 
Black Bodies
Swarm blocks like
Bees do flowers 
Bees Swarm flowers 
Like black men do honey
Black body look like honey
And Sex leads like queen bees
Black prince follow queens like drones
The syndrome was The bees knees
Knee deep in can I please?
While Black Bodies still swing from trees.

Like, please can I speak
Please can I write 
Please can I touch money
I know this ain't for me
Can I please vote 
While I vote I might create 
Create a better quality of life
In exchange for my life
Or my name attached to my creations
 Can I please have my reparations? 
Or at least some civility 
These should be elevated over our inhumanity

Black body more like void
Filling ourselves with whatever we can get our hands on
Spinning music with lyric
Spinning words for sales
selling street dreams to prevail
Black body just wants to prevail
And exhale the poison of this toxic patriarchy
But I became a patriot for title to my own body
my Black body is finally entitled to itself
Instead of him or herself

black body is just "it", not a person
Still a noun 
Still trying to define black
Still trying to define nigger, nigga please
Black body look like white twitter
Confused at trending changes
Black rights secretly rearranging 
Masked in economics 
Broke black body lost without knowledge 
Unless your starving for it

I'm 1945 Black body
Still fighting still writing 
Stilling voting still dying for a nameless generation 
Still giving claim to the future generation 
This is what we fostered
Black body ain't lost we just mislead
Paved a path to our graves
Just to be buried with the seeds 
And assisting the tree.

A branch for the next life line
Reincarnated I reclaim my time 
Not in your confines or what you define
Here's where I, we, us, everyone
Draws the line
Around my black body. 


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