She paid $0 down to change her life for 25 years!

"I wouldn't get on a roof either, I'm afraid of heights!"

Good Afternoon readers!

The other day I was grocery shopping and I overheard a conversation at the checkout line.
A woman was talking over the phone about her current situation and doesn't mind doing home improvement.

She was a working class woman, having a child nearby. She mentioned "Doing it on her own", assuming she was single, and needing to get her roof done.  She then hinted at the possibility of going solar. At this time, it was my turn to get checked out. What happened next was absolutely coincidence!

"I heard you have to repair everything yourself and I'm not going on my roof. What if it breaks? I'll probably be out of power."

It was a real quick statement but it Resonated with me!
She was talking about Solar Energy and Solar Panels!

She started to continue her conversation on home improvement, and I made a comment.
"Mee too!" she whispers in agreement.

I finish my check out and as I'm putting my things away she finishes her conversation over the phone.

"I hope you get your roof fixed, and just to let you know. You don't have to actually pay for repairs with some solar companies." I said.
With a skeptic look she replied "Oh really? Are you a salesman?"

"Nope. Just a revolutionary. I want a planet Run by the Sun."
The cashier then chimes in with my last bag,
"I have a neighbor that went Solar, and it helps with their pool."
In my head, YES! Thanks for the great segway.
Long story short--
I have an appointment to talk about a very brief mentioning of...



I like bullet points, what about you?
Here's the facts:

  • Proactive Monitoring (With an App too!)
  • Insurance
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Free Maintenance & Repair
  • No Money Down

Need I say more? 
These are the basics of Sunrun's BrightSave Monthly.  

No, you don't have to get on a roof. 
If anything breaks or needs maintenance, Sunrun has qualified professionals that will be readily available. Literally the power of your home is in your palm! Including a predictable, monthly rate that protects you from the forever increasing utility rates.

In the state of MA, USA alone, electric rates have raised over 0.11 cents in the past ten years!
It may not seem like much but over a 25 year time, where does that money go?

A friend of mine shared their bill with me and showed that she paid over $129 to get $122 worth of energy delivered to her home.

Would you pay $30 in delivery for a $25 dollar order? (Food, Online, Luxury)
How about $40,000 for $23,000 order?

Let's become the new age of Homeowners who take control of their utility bill and invest in a 
Planet Run by the Sun. 


If you would like to know more about solar energy or just to take control of your electricity bill.
Book an appointment with me.


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