The Future Shamans (((::OFTHESUN::))) Bring "TimeDeath"

(((::OFTHESUN::))) was started in 2009 by Tom Fahey and Adam Blake from the ashes of an experimental improvisational sound project called "Fractillian", which performed around the Boston area from 2007- 2010. Taken on the visual magic of Andrew Goldman they performed live for the first time in November 2010.
Shortly after forming, the sonic energy of CJ Carr joined Fahey and Blake and they performed as a trio for the first time in February of 2011.

Since then, (((::OFTHESUN::))) has been a vibrating gust of indigenous and electronic sounds accompanied by psychedelic visual wizardy. (((::OFTHESUN::))) climbs to the surface in ever-evolving forms, shifting and performing entire sets with fellow sound crafters such as Lenka Chludov√° [Lenkadu] and Jon Lipscomb [Whoarfrost].

The latest album from (((::OFTHESUN::))) "TimeDeath"

An act of creation; The OF THE SUN is a wild entity that slithers into the fabric of the human experience, dancing on the line between spirituality and music in a return to ancient traditions of spontaneous expression. Looking to the future and the past, we embrace our present.

A ritualistic practice: A third eye-opening experience :::: Blending conscious states, altering one’s perceived reality. As alive and unique to that moment in time as the transcendent music that powers your life, composed by your own existence.


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