Cold Tea

I drink cold tea.
not because I like it
but after letting it sit, I forget.
My tasks are nothing short.
I'm usually typing hyperlinks, articles,
making videos, resumes,
searching facts and jobs,
answering calls and connecting new sources,
maybe even procrastinate for 5 minutes.
and then I remember I have a cup of tea to enjoy.
The cool bitterness pressed on my lips
used to upset me. im used to it now.
I feel that we as a people sometimes
are just like this situation.
putting things on hold and running tasks.
forgetting "important" things.
or putting things on hold for what we believe
is more important.
lest we forget somethings like self care
or important campaigns whether political or environmental
we brush it to the side to take care of our busy lives
but the time we create is just that. CREATED.
out of the 24 hours of the day. your not losing anything
by doing this... PAUSE.

to handle whats hot and ready before its cold and forgotten.


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