Last Year, Same Ambitions

Hey Everyone!
I just wanna say thank you SO much for reading my blog so far.
I'm constantly on the go and have been thinking on ways to do promotion and marketing for my site.
With that being said I think its time to hang up all the Facebook nonsense. I'm not a big fan of Facebook never really have since its inception. BUT I do recognize its ingenuity and accessibility across many cultures and platforms. What I want to do is limit my Facebook interactions and posts and transfer them to my website.

I'm going to be opening up a subscriber channel so people can comment more freely and also be in touch with me more via email. I will be more active on twitter to switch over my need to communicate and also be MORE active on Instagram (which is owned by Facebook!)
With a new year comes brand new possibilities (?)
last year was a rocky one for me but I've gained new knowledge, and new place to rest my head (hopefully permanently)

Lets recap from the 29th.
Around 11 AM I picked up my camera equipment from my studio so I can the Springfield Kwanzaa event which was amazing!
Many area businesses came thru and definitely opened my eyes to some new things.
Like Comcast's new program for more digital literacy and Internet accessibility.
They have a program that allows people to purchase a laptop at a discount for $150
on top of that they have a digital literacy class you can opt in at your choosing
but that's not all you also get Internet for an incredibly low price for $9.99.
There is also a new company showing people the joys of virtual reality gaming
called UNIVRSE located here in Springfield.
Amazing food by Ary Belle,with many painters and artists.
The event was also had public speaker Alex Dixon, dancers from DREAM Studios, and poetry by NBS Malay, all hosted by Cindy Gaynor*.
This event couldn't have been possible without the amazing partnership between the City of Springfield, Mayor Sarno, Darryl Moss, Denise Jordan, and UMASS Springfield.
Everything is all on footage and will be released on my YouTube page as well as shown on Public Access TV.

That's not all! after that event i got ready to met up with Mar-T of RZX .
He had an event at The Clover in Holyoke, MA hosted by ForLoveOnly F.K.A KyDd Flo!
There were some notable performances like Aric Andino who was a frequent performer at Shadows Open Mic. Mar-T and ForLoveOnly killed their sets and I have it all on tape as well, click the links on their name to see their performance.

After an amazing day and night! I finally get home for 2AM!!
I have a bus to catch at 7AM to get to NYC for NYE!!!
Check the next blog for the continuation of a crazzzy end of year experience.

*After the event I realized me and Cindy are 2nd cousins! Small world!


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