Slam Piece - I'll Wait by Sheldon Alexander

Provided by Vice
They say a protest is the language of the unheard. 
It's absurd to speak to the blind in sign, 
But somehow they  can see gang flags. 
Turning peace into terror 
Preying on civil unrest 
Some pray we scream to our last breath
Whether it's through protest or protest.
Progress through Congress.
congressionally we are condemned to a life of hell,
But on the 25th hour we'll be free.
On the blue moon of juneteenth
 valuable lessons we are systematically taught is to
Wait on it... 
Our change gone come
And by our change I mean Barack Hussein
But even with change things are still the same
The puppet master didn't change the strings just the names 
I'll wait.. 
So what did MLK mean by free? 
When he wanted to change within what was born systematically 
I'll wait
So what did Malcolm x mean when he told us to go be free? 
And leave your comfortable reality
I'll wait
As we riot on deaf ears
As we create signs for the blind
As our tongues are cut because all lives matter
While our blood is constantly splattered 
The justice system knows that  it has never mattered
Unless it's blue
Or white 
In between the cracks we represent the red along the dead...
Burial grounds under obelisk to put us to rest
Burial grounds under monuments to put us to rest
Bodies abound
Stacked breast to breast
Give it a rest 
New slaves 
I'll wait for the applause 
Oh Lord 
I had a dream 
That a neanderthal 
Came beneath my sheets 
My things my woman 
my manhood culture
Like a vulture it would evolve
From slow dances 
And broken language
Blades in the bed
Since needles in mastas haystack 
Black back packs aren't 
Explosive enough to black skin terror 
A tier below still never makes it any better
Politicians changing to the 7 day forecast 
News headlines is another blood bath 
In That land of guns and popcorn 
With the heat so hot you could pop corn 
Ameri-K-K-Ka so hot 
Make the globe warm
But don't cry over spilt oil
Or coal mines on native soil
The Keystone of this was baptized in Flint 
I wait. 
As we riot on deaf ears. 
The homeless scream. 
A yea
Ill wait.. 


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