Murder Lyrics by Sheldon Alexander

Murder Lyrics

Raise yo skittles and ya ice tea
This aint Martin or Luther King's pipe dream
uh strange fruit lets go sight see
Whistle for white woman creating a Emmett Till scene
no charge no harm no foul
even momma out crying dont upset they bowels
wow whip the camera out now 
whether home or overseas you goin get shoot down
for freedom of freedom who gonna tell my story now?
this oppression is depressin and we scream without a sound
can you hear me now
can can you hear me now?
mic check one two will this attract the crowd?
Followers and posers
back stab to impose us like Malcolm X
Wipe your existence to correct
a certain mentality Rodney style battery
If I did the same Its the life sentence chemically
readily, hold the needle keep it steadily
as drugs circulate in city streets
from those who uphold peace   
and I'm told to uphold peace
while my own brothers run around carrying they piece
giving so much assistance 
im dependent on a lease at least I can eat though 
baby momma  drama cuts checks every week 
the black man weak better weep
and while we pour red rum
for our homies in the slums
our backward ways
lick shots for slick tongues
no brawn or brains
as we aim with our guns
foaming at the mouth
cuz dawg wants  your jordans
you scorin? Jesus considers this important?
Mark 19:21 
sell everything to the gates you shall come, 
forth with the torch this the knowledge of the son
but you dont wanna hear it matter fact i think you fear it
a bottle for your sorrows, a blunt for a tomorrow
and brain wash your newborn with the music
that follows: murder x3 killx3
all on the radio can we (chill x3
hiding behind chains and whips make me sick
give meaning behind colors watch perception flip
like bracelets
 in high school
born sinner and fool
think basketball will make u kool
or rapping on stage 
in the end your just a tool a puppet to the ghoul 
its the white boogy boo Patrick swayze foot stool
and never really knew
uhhn so open up your mind
see the signs as I murder every line
like the lines in the in 80s babie
watching babies have babies thats crazy man
wipe the lens no pretend
we stay silent like when there's a murder


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