Consider My Energy Lyrics + Song

I had an amazing time getting this verse done with D-Wreck aka Darius Johnson Founder of the Visionary Acts Movement.
He wanted to remake this song about heart break and coming fresh from a bruise myself, I was more than eager. What I ended up writing to me, was one of my best verse, it really speaks to me even now and is a final good bye to some much needed closure. Check out the song on soundcloud,give it a share!

Waking from this wet dream
Cold sweats and memories
The good and the bad 
The times we had
Making breakfast without dag
What drag
Fill my heart with a puff Puff pass 
Invested in a future
That soon become my past
Crazy how you shady
And we both thought this would last
Claiming there was no one after me
90 days later followed lies passively 
Naturally, you took my heart
So is it so crazy I wanna go crazy 
You played me
I can't hear another call you baby
But maybe it's time to start over
Yet filling up my heart 
Won't make me sober
love that u gave is gone
Now I'm colder
Rebirth of a rolling Stone 
Cuz it's over 
Deleted everything from you to me 
Gotta stay awake cuz as I soon sleep

I keep having beautiful nightmares 
But then I'll have horrible dreams
I'm just praying that you fight fair
When it comes to you and me
Remember me


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