RIP MAL - Unreleased Music - Judgement

Jhamal Luis Cruz, also known as “MAL”, of Springfield, Massachusetts, lost his life on
Sunday, May 8, 2016.
We rapped together all the time but never actually did a track, he sent this to me a few months or about a month before he passed. I just want his music to be heard. The track features Darius Isaiah. RIP my friend and Negus MAL.
I remember we always used to sit down and cypher, break bread, smoke. It feels so surreal that he is gone and diggin through my emails I seen this and had to share it. He was always reading, learning something new. We had great ideas and fed off each other, one time i was stressed and he said "if you gotta move then move! Movement is always good" He meant that in relation to me feeling trapped in my city, and man I just wish my bro was back.

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RIP To MAL ~  


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