Aqaurii Luna

Moon Water by Katherine Dae
A poem dedicated to my mom born Jan. 9th an Aquarius and an Earthly Moon.

Day and night you watch over the Sol
Queen of the stars
Radiant and wise
A water bearer, with rays that move oceans.
You also represent the brightest of constellations.
Neptune would admire your control of the seas.
The sea reflecting life, and life reflecting time.
With time comes experience, application births wisdom.

Luna has seen the darkness, the void and all its hidden treasures.
Luna brings these gifts to light so all may benefit from its secret blessings,
as she watches over the Sol.
Man has cried to the moon, only to land and steal a glance at Mars.
But you do not fret, not anymore.
The strength to orbit around the world, to hold your own
And still shine light on those who have lost the way.
Man under appreciates the bounty you've given,
Your light and water.

I have learned a lot under the moon.
Gazing at its beauty, knowing that I have been born under her.
I cry out for Luna's wisdom, that her light may shine again especially when the darkness falls.
Your ability to transition from each phase in time is envied all around.
Little known fact is you were born right after the new moon.
A sliver of light was born on the 9th during the first month of that year.
That sliver, a silver lining as Luna hid from the Earth born anew.
Growing, with each passing phase gaining new wisdom in earthly form.

Luna gives birth to three more stars and inspires a whole constellation.
She knows it is her turn now to watch over the Sol.
As her mother did before her.
Dawning Radiant mahogany.
Reflecting the many phases of light
And moving the waters beneath her.
Smiling at her son, her Sol.

Love you Mom.


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