#ArtistSpotlight T.Remmedy from RZX

Born in Hartford, CT raised in Holyoke, MA a truly ORIGINAL artist
T.Remmedy from the local group/label RZX.
To describe his music is like to describe ones whole personality throughout their lifespan. What I mean by that is his music is always evolving and changing.
With the Universe in mind, T.Remmedy brings organic sounds, with a touch of filth while tossing in bits of treasure in between. He is always collecting information and putting it to good use in his music.

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T.Remmedy has been writing and recording music for 15 years and its about time for him to get some recognition. With music to always zone out to, think and also FEEL; I'm confident to say T.Remmedy is definitely a new age artist that can take this world by storm with his strong lyrics and exotic lifestyle as well as language.

Trying to understand what I mean? well then PRESS PLAY!
#Heaven '15 Diff' Scene

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