Blacker the Berry

The Blacker the Berry
Blacker then young faces on obituaries,
divided by light skin -
the blackest berry to the Bluest eye.
I'm sure Toni Morrison would cry.
As dreams deferred into
no justice! no peace!
they are just raisins to the sun,
crisp to the tongue
to the point were they are blacker than the blackest berries.
The babies.
Seedlings ready to grow roots
yet traces of shade pall
Google Images
in comparison to the blackness.
Blacker than my ancestor's shadow
from the gallows
and to the coast.
Even the Irish boats
to islands and the darkest pits.
Caves wit slaves
as they were baptised -
bring Christ to life.
I've seen images and I still hold tru,
the Blacker the berry.
See - if Jesus was a revelationary,
Martin and Garvey were revolutionaries
and I am a revolutionary
then of course the Blacker the berry.
But the juice sometimes isn't so sweet.
blood on the leaves
as we consume strange fruit
the blacker the berry.

Blacker the Berry by Sheldon Alexander
Written and Published by Sheldon Alexander


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