Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
7:06 PM

He smiles at the thought of giving her a gift.
And yet the opposite happens.
The news of positivity
Wasn't necessarily a good thing.
Questions of fidelity
I’m clean your clean
He claims to have taken care of his queen
But when love is withdrawn
It takes shape in many forms
Lusting for forbidden fruits
The darker the berry
The deeper the secrets
Too bad he couldn’t keep it
Because when tests needs answers
She screams gay cancer
To confused and lost to understand the costs
She runs from her fears.
And he sits in solitude
so with bottles and bottles
Bi sexual adventures to ease the sorrow
Of the only woman that you ever loved
What’s worse is you can’t see your unborn child
Lost, scared and in denial
Not heeding the doctors warnings
Trying to let go, you let it grow...
So you don't have HIV but don't be relieved
You know have AIDS…
 scared and confused as to what you should do.
You can’t take it back since you were the one who slacked.
An outcast.
She won’t speak to him, she has learned that her son will not
Bear their heavy burdens and she has brought HIV to a halt
She was overjoyed
But when news of him being in the hospital
She had to see him.
She was sorry for ever leaving him alone.
And she doesn’t want him to go.
Not like this.
Not without seeing your son
She says
he tells her to name him Tatenda
Which is thanks in Shona.
Thanks to god for my son to not be born in illness he says
Thanks to god you have forgiven me and my sins
And thanks to god for the love of my life returning to me.
And thanks for liberating me of my broken soul and body.
For now he knows his time is rearing an end
He closed his eyes, and she began to cry.
He dies 4 weeks later.
And in 3 months
Their son was born in clear health
With a red ribbon tied around his wrist
For the hope of a better tomorrow


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