Patient Zero

Patient Zero
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
7:05 PM

From the deep brushes of Cameroon…
where chimpanzees hunt monkeys
Through the savagery of the catch
Three chimps rip and tear away at two monkeys…
From one species to another
The early stages of HIV was born...
Un-mutated, and peppered through simians.
Legend has it, Eventually a Bantu man, from the Congo
Cut his hand on his catch of monkey meat
Traveling through the village the mutation began...
The marketplace with his meat,
His family and friends, blood brothers and sisters.
Contact was rare but cases arise...
It's less than a million years old… -
but 1902, 1959, 1960 -
From Congo to Haiti…
and then Gaetan Dugas
a French Canadian who traveled frequently.
Like wild fire he contributed in what is now -
A disease more deadly than the black plague. -
Leave it too long and we have AIDS…
There was a patient Zero before Patient Zero
The history is hidden in propaganda…
The slander one receives when caching this disease
Makes people cringe when they sneeze…
A sickness so cruel it can bring you to your knees.
 But there is hope
What we know now is it can be cured.
Like Timothy Brown 5 years after
 He is still negative.
Articles spreading the word, you can be functionally cured
Continuing education and research
We can reverse what feels like a never ending curse
Protecting yourself and your health….
The only way to prevent it
Spreading awareness can change our path, as a people
So on this day we give AID
To the cure for AIDS.
WE give AID to the halt of HIV.
To my patient zero, not the chimps or dugas
but to my patient zero Timothy Brown
who so far is cured of this illness.
Together the world will know of this day.
And together we bring our hands in to pray
For a cure is surely on its way.


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