Work Related Skills YOU NEED!

In a competitive job market, it is important that you gain and demonstrate additional out-of-classroom skills to complement your education.

Get involved in community service
Nothing says more about the content of your character than active involvement in community service.
Some colleges have community service programs, and many student organizations offer their time and energy to local causes and philanthropies. Otherwise check your local listings for non profit organizations and services.  Select activities that speak to your heart.

Strengthen communication skills
When employers are surveyed about the qualities they seek the results are always the same: communication skills top the list. We live in an information age, and it is crucial to demonstrate your ability to convey verbal and written information effectively. It is ideal to hone your writing, listening, and public speaking skills.

Develop leadership skills
As you become increasingly involved in activities, it is important to take the next step - assume leadership roles. Employers will be impressed, and you'll gain confidence in your ability to organize events, delegate tasks, and supervise others.

Develop foreign language skills and/or cultural competence
An increasing number of organizations and industries are becoming internationalized through  expansion into new worldwide marketplaces. We live in increasingly diverse society, and you are at a distinct advantage when you speak another language, and/or can demonstrate your knowledge of and sensitivity to diverse people, cultures, and values.

Improve computer skills
While you may not aspire to be a programmer, code writer, or IT specialist, you will possibly be using a computer applications in your work. It is, therefore, important that you gain as much experience as possible in computers and list it in your resume.

Expand your network
Networking is undoubtedly one of the most important, yet neglected aspects of career planning. People are your most valuable resources in preparing for a career, obtaining information about occupations, and getting a job.

Learn how to job search and interview
The best credentials in the world are worthless if you don't know how to find jobs and apply for positions. The job search and application process (includes resumes, cover letters, networking, and interviewing) are learned skills. It's best to polish your resume frequently, practice interviewing, and learn how to market yourself to an employer.

"Networking is by far the most important aspect of career preparation and the job search. The key is to consider every person you come into contact with as a potential source for leads. It's such a small world, you never know who may guide you to that perfect opportunity!"
- Diana M. Sanchez, M. Ed., Career Counselor
California State University San Marcos

For me this was not only work related skills I need, it is something that EVERYONE who wants to succeed NEEDS. These skills not only helped make me a successful, healthy, and supportive individual it gave me a greater outlook on life and the Planet Earth. I encourage all who want a little more out of life, to create sustainability. With the working class and these five star skills it will undoubtedly create a working success.

- Sheldon Alexander


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