Global Anti-Africanism & the Omnicidal System by Diallo Kenyatta

This Bears Repeating:
Anti-Africanism is the planet's only universal ideology.
The world's nations have turned against Africans for generations and that hostility is only increasing.
Universal Anti-Africanism follows a pattern of human alienation from nature. Modern Humans have created systems that require them to destroy nature (ecosystems) and call it progress.
Humanity evolved from nature and ecosystems, and thus must devalue nature to justify its destruction for short term profits. It is also required that the nations/races/peoples who fought to remain in harmony with nature and refuse to devalue and destroy their ecosystems must also be degraded, attacked, and exterminated along side nature.

Africans being the original people, the first people, the people most associated with nature, who are most tied to the earth, who, like nature, gave birth to and nurture all other cultures and civilizations have become the most hated people in a world that is anti-nature, anti-ecosystems, anti-life.
Europeans have used their deep seeded alienation as a drive for global military, economic, and cultural dominance. All who want to share in their omnicidal systems and reap some of the spoils have to behave as them. They must destroy their ecosystem, they must be willing to enslave and subjugate segments of their own people (women, children, the poor, etc), and they must embrace and practice Anti-Africanism.

Even many Africans have sought to joint the Systems of White Domination and have embraced the Anti-African protocols that participation requires.
As the systems of White Domination begin to implode, most people will still harbor the deep seeded hatred and hostility towards Africans that they have been indoctrinated with for generations, that means they will openly attack us as their own toxic world and comforts fade away.
We need to prepare, we need to know that all we have is us, and many of us have chosen them over us, so we don't even have all of us. We need Revolutionary Pan-Africanism to defend ourselves and eventually defeat Global Anti-Africanism.

That's my focus, that is my mission. I'm down to link with and organize with all others who do this work. If we fail this time, we will not get another, we will doom our descendants to oppression, constant attack, and extermination.

Diallo Kenyatta giving a presentation on Historical Trends of African Liberation
A graduate of Chicago State University, Diallo Kenyatta is a Pan-African currently living in Chicago. He speaks on radio, at events, blogs, and various social networks on the ongoing racism, profiling, and systemic destruction of Black America & Africans as a whole. He is the director of the community organization Bloom.


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