Police Suffocated Unarmed Latino in Front of Family

An unarmed man, Luis Rodriquez, was at the movies with his family when his wife, struck their teenage daughter in an act of discipline. 
Reports were made to the Oklahoma police and soon enough they responded to a domestic and subdued Mr. Rodriguez. When Rodriguez failed to produce identification, police then apprehended him and pinned down his body until he suffocated while reassuring his wife that he "is not dead." It was all recorded by his wife on her cell phone which was later confiscated by the police but later recovered by her lawyer.

‘The following incidents are cautionary tales for anyone who still thinks that they can defy police officers, even if it’s simply to disagree about a speeding ticket, challenge a search warrant or defend oneself against an unreasonable or unjust charge, without deadly repercussions. The message they send is that “we the people” have very little protection from the standing army that is law enforcement.  (Article Link)


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