New Year, New You??

Hello everyone, so the new year is inspiring yes, yes.
This the time of year we make many promises that we don't plan to keep by the end of December.
 I'm here to tell you that you CAN make changes in your life with the right attitude and guidance.

Step One

Whatever it is. Don't give up.

Invest and confide in someone to push you to the limits, keep weekly tabs and reminders of your goals to help fulfill your promises. Create an incentive to reward yourself of your efforts and merits.

Step Two


The reason why most of us fail is because we set goals sometimes to high we cant keep up with or just not do it all together. If you have a resolution it should be a revolution of self. Meaning it should be changing you and if your not changing what good is making a resolution? Try setting small steps gearing you toward the bigger placement in life. Even if its been months get back on! Stay consistent!

Step Three

Your not an expert
Even masters and experts say they aren't but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go to them for advice, especially something you know little to nothing about. If you finding trouble keeping up with your resolution, try looking at other ways to fulfill that promise(s) by asking the experienced.

Note to my readers:

My new years resolution is to become a stronger writer and post more blogs!
I just started in November and now I'm going back to school, but following these three steps, I'm sure to be able to keep you thoroughly entertained and enlightened!


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