Local Spotlight: "Conversations with a Mac" by MacWay

Virtually out of no where up and coming hip hop artist MacWay has flooded the streets with his urban contemporary....
"Conversations with a Mac".
His project which is free to download/stream on datpiff.com came out January 23rd.
Like a ballad for the streets or gritty orchestra run by 50 Cent (Remember Vitamin Water?) MacWay comes through with messages of peace, love and struggle.

MacWay has features from Springfield hip hop stars like T-Swan, Kai, GW & Togolese. XMI Studios was involved in the recording, mixing and mastering along with a few beats.

Make sure you grab this tape for your ipods, phones and mp3 players! Tracks like "January 23", "If you Don't Know", "Public Transit", "What are you waiting for" and more are powerful, insightful, motivating and not to be overlooked!

You can follow MacWay on Twitter @MacWay74
Or listen to more tracks on ReverbNation
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