8 Years to date, Six life sentences + 118 more years to go.

Remember those times as a teen you did something REALLY dumb?
Say you were caught and received 10 or 13 years for robbery.
Say one of your boys just broke the record for the longest sentence in the country given to a teenage offender for a crime that wasn't murder.

Meet Travion Blount

I came across a petition for this injustice and decide to look into the case a little more.
What I discovered was alarming.
Travion 15 at the time went with to 18 year olds to commit a crime.
Raiding a house party, stealing cellphones, a small amount of cash and marijuana.
Records show no shots were fired and Blount injured no one. he three were quickly caught and charged by police.  
Two of the teenagers accepted a plea deal, Blount did not. 
  • He has been in Wallens Ridge State Prison, a maximum-security facility in Big Stone Gap, since 2007
  • His family is now asking for a conditional pardon from outgoing Governor Bob McDonnell
Such pardons grant early release with conditions for keeping on good behavior.

Blount's clemency appeal states that he will abide by any conditions the Governor sees fit. 
A petition formed online by his family also lists Blount's criminal history - he was convicted for unauthorized use of a vehicle, robbery, attempted robbery and malicious wounding in four separate incidents. A Change.org online petition has been set up on Blount's behalf to lobby state officials for a new sentence. Monique Santiago, an accountant from Hampton, read about Blount's case and thought the punishment was excessive.

 To sign the petition on Change.org
 (which as 6k signatures to date)
Please click here


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