Poesia by Sheldon Alexander


I write poems for poesia.
The homogenous love one has for words and language.
Making romantic architecture through scriptural strokes.
I write poems for poesia.

With each lick of an old pencil, writing my love as a Sonnet.
To be told in tongue, as it was rehearsed.
I write poems for poesia.
Like a young unrequited love or a teenage farce.
Mixing metabolic metaphors and soulful similes.
I write poems for poesia.

I do it because mi amo por lapiz, por pluma, por papel.
Para escritura.
Escribo poemas por poesia.
I write poems because I love poetry.
Pero puede poesia amarme?

Learning a new language is hard but with practice and dedication one can become fluent.
I love to write and as a professional poet, why not mix the language I'm learning with my work/performances. Using word play with poesia (pronounced po-es-ee-ah) which sounds like an extravagant term for pussy, I mixed it with the phrase many boys hear or do which is "Writing poetry/poems for pussy" Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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