Quality & Quantity,
studied through chimes.
Listen in on the power of what's inside.
Naturally we hit them all producing brilliant sound,
but each one drowns out the other and meshes like clouds.

If you strike one chime though, just one, it's more potent.
A sharp sound is created, echoing in your ear over & over.
It's more noticeable to hear.
Striking the whole environment near and a group of chimes can fall on death ears.

It's clear! It's clear!
The sound of one.
Eluding to the power of each and everyone
A people or person can both change existence.
Either for a lifetime or just for an instant.
Listen to the chimes, a vertical xylophone.
One for the times.

Chimes 10:50 am 6/7/13

I wrote this poem while listening to the chimes and I noticed how one chime sounds a lot stronger and is more noticeable when struck then all chimes. Listening I decided to write something about quality vs quantity and not just that but how individuals can make noise, inspiring others and moving people to spark revolutions instead of mass amounts of people making "rabble".


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