The Fruition of Right and Wrong

The Fruition of Right and Wrong

he tells me everything will be fine
he tells "Don't worry about what HE says"
El Delgado on
then he tells me "you'll be just like HIM, the one you want to be most."
he talks about how it's unfair that

"HE gives you everything, but why not this?"
he tells me it's like every other thing that branches and grows
he tells me he has tasted it as well
"It is swell."
he then hears my stomach grumble for he sure kept me awhile.
Now I'm tempted...

he knows I am...
and I know that he knows.

he then tells me softly,
that if I have some then I'll know what
he  knows.

I'm still he looks
but this isn't any look.
HE looks at me with undying eyes,
eyes that never blink
but sink deep into my eyes, my body
peering into my very SOUL
and then with confidence  

HE tells me
"Take a bite."

20 October 2011 at 14:13

 This was written about a year ago and I think I should have expressedgreater detail to give it more of a sense of journey, but  I want some feedback
this might be published as an incomplete version for the time being
or I might just leave it alone...Tell me what you think.


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