Letter to a Young Buck by Sheldon Alexander

Letter to a young buck

What's happenin' Nigga?
yea I said whats up.
I'm surprised half of you are lookin' so dumb struck.
Here is a word of advice, you Young Buck
with ya eyes caught in the head lights lookin lost as f*#@.

The weight of your word is more than ya chain,
theres no proof bein a man with ya dick in everything.
Thinkin' you grown umm excuse me 17?
and 1 more year still don't change yo mind scheme.
I'm not here to advocate the dreams of MLK.
Living the illusion of whats merry & gay.
So pull ya pants up if you dont drop the soap,
cuz truth is saggy jeans came from homosexual prison folk.

Thinkin' you bad ass or cool cuz you experiment with drugs n alcohol.
Thinkin' its awesome to vomit up lunch in a bathroom stall.
Damn I done seen it all...matter of fact I done cleaned it all!
What the hell man!
Don't mean mugg me thinkin you a "Soulja" boy.
And to under aged rappers you got no guns, no coke, no funds .
No J-O-B, you still live with ya momz.
Tyler the creator is NOT the best rapper,
dont get me started MY GOD.

I'm not dissin' your opinions, what you feel or felt,
but at least stop givin' soft bull sh#t like felt!
And to people getting offended cuz I swore,
then don't turn on the radio or TV no more.

Are minds are desensitized.
But parents don't give up on your kids cuz its all around us.
Don't start saying you haven't or BS like
"its only television, its all over the internet,
what do you want me to do? don't be so hard on the kids"

uhh what?? wasn't Adam & Eve kicked out of Eden and givin birth pains
and forced to learn the values of hard work, labor and suffering?
for their mistakes?
That's for my religious heads out there,
so shout out to serving the Lord only on a Sunday.
Cuz somedays we have places to be or places to go.
Everyday theres some form of registration to this Satanic system
via bills, laws, entertainment and social coming of age for those rising in a world of constraints

So Young Buck
lookin' in the headlights lookin' dumbstruck.
I was once like you only because its a sad fact,
once those high beams hit your eyes you are eternally trapped.
Until someone can save you from being roses in the roadkill,
by pulling you to the side and telling you to chill.
Take this to heart and build your soul.
A man of his word is a king of his throne.

26 February 2012 at 10:54
Letter to a Young Buck

I wrote this sometime ago in response to my younger brothers reckless behavior.
I usually don't swear in poetry or any written material but I wanted to connect and make a point.
I need to address several things he thought and try to at least show him how the world operates as well as give parents a kind of direction to go when you see delinquency starting to develop.


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