Holocaust Holidays by Sheldon Alexander

Native American Genocide
Santa & Jesus
I will not continue to acknowledge your thanksgiving wishes and blessings.
No more happy holidays built off the days of death and anguish.
Slanderish language, blankets of pox, bullets vs small rocks.

I won't accept your white washing of religion.
I won't acknowledge your fictionally stories promoting "Good".
When you acted like demons 2 months ago.
Let's not be one of the deadliest sins,
boasting and toasting to death in gluttony.
boasting and toasting to the purge in gluttony.
marketing and promoting the Native as a turkey.
Using their tears to salt our jerky.
Native American Holocaust

I can't accept these holidays that organize death through white washing.
I won't bleach the facts to children who deserve to know of the blood reds,
the envious whites, the blue betrayal that is America.
The green guilt hidden in red roses and mistletoe.
While missiles overseas explode,
On the people that looked like Jesus.
But inadvertently they don't look like Jesus.
It seems we are more concerned with Yeesus,
and the white Jesus the pastor preaches.
Than the Natives that actually need us,
or the lies we feed our children till New Years Eve.
As we continue on the path that lies from Valentines till Easter time.
Jewish Holocaust

Skipping past MLK, Black history month, Latino history month.
We are more concerned with observing Yom Kipper and Hanukkah
than Kwanza and the color of our own skin.
I think it's time to color your skin.
because you've been white washed.
bleached to the indecencies of our country.
Celebrating the genocide of a people, of a culture, of a spirit.
No more Holocaust Holidays.
Never will I accept your betrayal.
Surely you'll read and listen to this and still celebrate.
But if the past were to repeat itself today.
You'll be shaking your head at the future generations that bask in it's glory.
No more holocaust holidays.

-Holocaust Holidays
by Sheldon Alexander


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