42 or 43

7 June 2010 at 13:53

An age old question, a question that brings on heated debates and quoted scriptures. 
The question that was never really thought “out-of-the-box”. Mankind the question of our nature, are we good? Or naturally evil? Sinners that repent? Or apples that have turn in rot.
As I was searching online the eternal thoughts that never seemed to cease…I came upon my own epiphany, a third option orargument. It seems to me, personally, that the universal number is in fact or opinion rather, 3, and that there is always a “third” option. So this raises the question naturally good, evil…or? This ‘or’ is to my knowledge ignorance, now the word ignorant adj. can mean - unaware of something (ignorant of the danger) or resulting from lack of knowledge (caused by a lack of knowledge, understanding, or

The Human brain is like a sponge taking in knowledge whether it is right or wrong; We never start off with the instinct of naturally good or evil therefore we are completely oblivious unless given a moral code to stand by. Now in terms of the moral code if we lack understanding of it or experience then technically we are not at fault but to make an example we are shown the consequences of such actions, and that is the only reason we are held back for what we do, for Fear of what is to come. An example of what is to come is Armageddon if that is not instilled in the minds of humans then there is nothing to morally keep you aback, it is propaganda that attempts to keep everyone in check as to not have chaos run rampant.

This propaganda trickles down to the teachings and parenting styles so that the code can be taught at an age where the human brain is most “absorbent”; but when the calculation of failures, mistakes and outside misshapes come into play, it makes up the percentage of convicts and would be prisoners. Creating the question if mankind is naturally good or evil. My hypothesis is that the third option ignorance is what is natural, for you can not have good without evil and vise versa, that is what balance is but you can have ignorance without the latter. In conclusion if the ignorance of mankind brings about the evil and the good, the true question is…

What are we?


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