Proverbs for Women by Sheldon Alexander

One of my signature pieces I perform wherever I go. Hope you enjoy. If your going to use it please give credit to the author (me!)

I gather inspiration from my girlfriend who is an incredible person, as well as my mother. When writing it I wanted women to feel empowered and encouraged to face whatever it is that stumbles them, and to know they do have power just as much as men.

The art on this blog are images from google, they are not mine and I'm using them for educational purposes only.

Proverbs for Women

Like lightening and thunder penetrating the sky.
Catching eyes or catching lies.
You are more than what appears.
Much more than stars contributing to constellations feeding the galaxies,
For you are more than a woman.

Just listening to your heart beat creates an 
indescribable description something of unnatural depiction
like...a Van Gogh Picasso.
Capturing the heart shape of a renaissance art space.
To put it in the simplest of terms her,
blood pumps into the next generation creating heroes & villains.

"The teachings of kindness are on her tongue." Proverbs 31:26
Yet the wisest of women builds their house, 
and the ones lacking in sense with her own hands tears it down. (Proverbs 14:1)

See you are more than a woman, you are the other half of men.
That's why husbands are told to hold steadfast to their wives and become one...soul.
For the quality of a woman's characteristics are more precious than jewels and gold.
For when I see you, I see the very blades of grass that give the Amazon its glory.
A woman's teachings are more deep rooted than legends and stories.

See you are more than a woman.
You are my mother, my girlfriend, my doctor, 
my exes that showed me what I really want in life; Friends, family, my brother's keeper, and the wives that makes my brother's hearts rejoice.

Queens of Africa and England.
Empresses of the east.
Providers of the feast since hunters and gatherers knew how to eat.
The ones who flock the sheep and sow the fleece.

You give reason for nation to rise against nation.
In your name!
Helen of Troy, Cleopatra of Egypt, 
Bathsheba of Israel, Guinevere of England, 
and even the Sabines in Italy. make men pigs, dogs and wolves.
But you also make us priests,
pussies play things, and sheep.
So the next time someone degrades you, tries to sexually enslave you.
Remember your beauty is of the most desired qualities and possessions.
And your spirit. Your spirit cannot be measured by any quantity or bound.
For you are more than a woman.

Proverbs for Woman
by Sheldon Alexander


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