Ayyub Abdul Alim: The story of Patience

When it comes to the city of Springfield there are many great things I can say about it. Sadly, this is not one of them. As a person who loves to help, be supportive (especially of the community) and spread peace; I can resonate with this unfortunate situation. Muslim Latino American Ayyub Abdul Alim, has been incarcerated for 2 years on a 15 year sentence for gun and ammunition charges.

A flyer dedicated to Ayyub's Innocence
The story is Ayyub claims the FBI has been targeting him for almost a year prior to his arrest. He has reached out to state representative Ben Swan, and his own brother only to fall on deaf ears. He was arrested through illegal search & seizure and charged with carrying a gun without a license as well as ammunition charges. Here is the kick Ayyub stated while in holding, the F.B.I were already waiting for him, saying if you don't become an informant in the Muslim community then accept the charges. Ayyub denied both. This case has garnered much attention from social justice advocates: Justice for Pioneer Valley, Arise for Social Justice, Out Now, Socialist Worker, Food for Thought books international network of activists and hacktivists Anonymous, and various other organizations.
Court Date with supporters for Ayyub
Ayyub has sent a letter to various groups, churches, and official organizations like the NAACP which is launching an investigation into the matter. Here is an excerpt from one of his letters:
"Prior to my arrest in December 2011, I was well on my way of transforming myself from a life of dependency to one of humility, compassion, piety/ spirituality, entrepreneurialism, largess, philanthropy and concern for family and community. It’s important to note that in 2007, I obtained full-time employment – on my own merit – in Springfield, MA as a building manager in which I serviced a housing unit (located at 683 State Street, 685 State Street, 691 State Street and 693 Street) of 23 apartments for low income families and 3 store fronts for approximately four years (2007 to 2011). It’s also important to mention that the aforementioned housing units and store fronts that I was challenged with managing/ servicing and providing security services for was/ is a building unit that has historically been challenged with illegal drug activity, prostitution, violence and destitution....

Please be advised, in December of 2011, I was targeted and arrested on a fabricated weapons charge less than five minutes after closing my store, “Natures Garden,” by the Springfield Police Department in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). I have been incarcerated against my will at the Hampden House of Corrections for approximately two years pending trial – despite the fact that I have police recordings revealing I was searched and cleared of any weapons and then forcibly strip searched and probed sexually in view of the public. Most importantly, I have been offered exoneration of the aforementioned fabricated charges, prior to being arraigned in Springfield Court, at the Springfield police station (by the FBI and Springfield police) – only if I agreed to become an informant against my will to spy on the Muslim community."
You can read the whole letter here.

Rosa Clemente
Dr. Emahunn Campbell

Ayyub is very outspoken, he has even called in on the radio to be interviewed only to receive punishment via solitary confinement (or the hole) for 72 hours. His brother Halim Cruz has even stepped forth to speak about the injustices via TRGGR Radio, a local social justice radio station.

Al Ahzab for Ayyub LP
Recently, there was a fundraiser at Food for Thought books which raised $600 for Ayyub to help with telephone calls, lawyer fees, etc. Speakers like Dr. Emahunn Campbell, and Rosa Clemente took the stage as well as local rap artist Togolese who is dedicating his next LP titled "Al-Ahzab (The Allies) for Ayyub" to raise awareness to his fans and his community. 

The next meeting is this Wednesday Oct 30, 5pm at Arise For Social Justice office, 
467 State St, Springfield.

The next court date for Ayyub is November 15th, 2013 at 9 a.m at 
Springfield District Court House, 
50 State St, Springfield.

Join us and like the FB page here.
Food for Thought books fundraiser


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